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Letter of Recomendation from Stephen Christiansen


[To remain anonymous, names, dates, and other detailed info have been removed from this letter]

Hi Kathy,

After our final hearing, the judge in our probate hearing has found the will to be valid. I have already expressed my appreciation for your work, but it is made more significant when the work is a key factor. Here’s what the judge had to say in his final order:

The Document was Signed by Decedent as his Will.
The preliminary matter is whether the document was “‘signed or acknowledged by the decedent as his or her will.” Applicant called expert witness Kathy Carlson, a forensic document examiner, to support his argument that the signature and date on the contested will was made by decedent. Her testimony, forensic report, and explanation of her expert forensic analysis are highly probative. Carlson explained her methodology of making side-by-side comparisons of the decedent’s signatures to the signature on the contested will, and how her examination of the elements of writing (height, spacing, proportions, and formations) led her to the conclusion that decedent signed the contested will. Id.  The Court finds the opposing counsel’s testimony to be largely irrelevant as the interaction with the Decedent was minimal at best. The Court is convinced by the expert testimony and finds that the signature on the contested will was made by the decedent.

Thanks Again.

Justin Heideman

Kathy Carlson is amazing! As Plaintiff’s counsel in a recent arbitration, the firm’s representing the claimants determined to hire a document forensic analyst. We did a fair extensive search, and finally settled on Kathy. BEST DECISION EVER! Kathy was amazing. In the pre-trial activities, her reports, analysis and explanation were spot on.
What was even more impressive was her trial testimony. It felt like she was cross-examining defense counsel rather than the other way around. Most impressive to me however, was Kathy’s willingness to actually take a stand. So many experts want to opine on the possibilities rather than actually saying “this is a forgery.” Kathy was careful, collected, detailed, and after walking down the entire road actually made the call.

Verdict was in our favor and was more than six figures. Kathy was a large part of why that happened.

Thank you!

Shawna R. Meyer, Attorney
Lake Oswego, OR

Kathy Carlson was a very professional, commanding and effective witness and her expert testimony was convincing and authoritative.  Ms. Carlson assisted in the preparation of her testimony and exhibits and handled herself very well during cross examination, making my job much easier.  Ms. Carlson’s knowledge and analysis of the case during her expert testimony played a large role in our successful defense of a very challenging multi-million dollar injunction.  Ms. Carlson was one of the best expert witnesses I have ever put on the stand.

William J. Trainor, President at Trainor Ranch Inc.

Our family ranch corporation recently had a dispute involving a forgery of my signature by a Federal employee. Ms Carlson performed a handwriting analysis and submitted a written report which we used to convince the persons superiors of the forgery.
We were able to reopen our application without lawyers or further expensive litigation. Ms. Carlson was prompt and professional in rendering her service. I have no doubt she would perform to those standards should we require her testimony in court.

Aurora, Colorado

I would again like to thank you for your wonderful expertise in helping me in my dilemma. Without your help, I would not be able to prove to the family my belated husband’s signature is original.
I will let anyone know who to go to in the future if this type of request is needed in the future.

Stephen Madsen, HR Manager for Interac Co., Ltd.
North America

We are very pleased with the professionalism and prompt service we received from Kathy Carlson.  We are a Japanese company that needed a handwriting analysis in short order and Kathy was able to deliver.  This greatly impressed my Japanese colleagues because her responses and service was more in line with standard Japanese business practices which are much more strict with time sensitive issues.  We also felt Kathy’s standard of work was exemplary.  We were confident with her findings which at the end of the day is the most important aspect of her services.  We would recommend her services to anyone.


I want to Thank You for your Professional and Timely Service, Skill and Accuracy. Your services were needed because of an extreme situation which involved forgery, and this situation if not shown to have been forgery, would have devastated myself and my family’s life and future. Immediately upon contacting you I knew I was in the hands of a professional who would be non-biased and professional. Because of your work and your assistance in this matter the DA was able to see that I was indeed a victim and the case was resolved. Your credentials were impressive to the investigators and I know if we had to go to court I was in the hands of a professional who would help me to prove the case. Thank you for your seriousness when it comes to your credentials, current skills and definitive results.


I have been involved with my ex-husband in a legal dispute regarding the transfer of some stock just prior to our divorce.  I was given some documents that were supposedly signed by me.  However, right away I knew they were not my signatures.  I started to look for a forensic handwriting expert and found Kathy Carlson.  I feel very fortunate to have found Kathy.  She was very clear and precise in explaining to me the information I would need to provide for her.  She was confident, kind, knowledgeable, and efficient during the entire process.  Another thing that impressed me as I was working with her, was the fact that she regularly attends continuing education seminars in her field to further her knowledge and expertise.  Kathy has a passion for what she does and it shows in her work. Her report validated what I believed, but couldn’t prove without her skills.


Western Forensic Document Examiner, Kathy Carlson, changed the lives of my family. I was a victim of identity theft and had no place to turn. In just a few short hours Kathy was able to confirm my suspicion and prepared a full and detailed report to legal counsel. Here are just a few reasons I feel her expertise was vital in the outcome of this situation; her prompt initial returned phone call, listening to details and asking question, was up front with her ability and fees. Within two hours of receiving the questioned signature, she made a personal call to inform me of her findings. I feel she made special effort to help me understand how she came to her conclusions. Her professionalism is incredible, not to mention the fact that her services was vital in keeping this out of court. I’m extremely happy with her and will refer her services to anyone who is in need of them. Thank you for your help and professionalism.


Kathy is very thorough & professional. Her attention to detail is spot on. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of.

Josh Weiss

Can’t speak highly enough of Kathy and her services. She is responsive, well informed, and highly capable.

Mark Garberich

Kathy Carlson did a very professional job of examining a signature that I needed to verify. She provided a thorough comparison with sample signatures, and plenty of explanation regarding the route to the conclusion of her findings. At the court hearing, she was professional, and was composed under cross examination. Kathy’s credentials are as solid as her examination of documents. Besides all of this, I found Kathy to be thoughtful and genuinely helpful throughout the process. I’d highly recommend her to anyone in similar circumstances.

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