Forensic Document Examination
Interactive Training Program

Developed by Katherine Koppenhaver & Kathy Carlson

Classes start on June 1st, 2023 with limited space.

Kathy Carlson’s course, Fundamentals of Forensic Document Examination Interactive Training Program, is a worthwhile investment both in time and in money, especially for aspiring document examiners. It is thorough, well organized, thought provoking, and challenging where the student earns his or her grade.

Male student on zoom call for training program with Kathy Carlson
The Program Includes:
  • Training in document examination;
  • Over 50 actual cases included in the 36 lessons;

  • Outside reading assignments with textbooks included;

  • A separate lecture on a topic of interest with each lesson; and

  • All materials needed to complete the course;

Price $5,500

Each student will work with myself, Kathy Carlson, a certified forensic document examiner who has been a document examiner since 2009.

This training program is being taught via Zoom. After receiving your weekly assignments, you will have the week to read the material and do each assignment, and return it to Kathy Carlson via email. We will meet each week to discuss the material and go over weekly assignments and any questions. The course will be completed within 1 year. You will have the opportunity if you choose to apprentice with me or another well qualified forensic document examiner.

Classes will start June 1st 2023, with limited space, so as to give the proper attention to each student. Another class will start January 1st, 2024, with limited space.

Feel free to contact Kathy Carlson for more information at 970-275-6846.

Request a spot by filling out the form below and I will contact you.